Weekend Agenda

We have a lot of events in store for the weekend, and it is a "choose your own adventure" a la carte style for registration so that you can participate in whichever events you are interested in! Since Sisters are flying from different regions, we want everyone to maximize their California experience to create memories with sisters. The weekend's schedule will be flexible to best suit your needs!

EVENTS (all events are optional):


Friday *Chill*

-Welcome Dinner at Abigaile Restaurant (prices vary)

Settle in and connect with those you will be spending your weekend with!


Saturday *Explore*

-Disneyland (Adult $127)

(Children under 3 are free)

-Optional Shuttle to and from Disneyland ($65 roundtrip)

-Downtown Disney / O.C. / or LA (prices vary)

Take an adventure to the happiest place on earth, or explore the O.C. or LA area!


Sunday *Indulge* Brunch and Beach

-Brunch with SoCal Alumnae Regional Chapter ($25)

Meet the sisters of our SoCal ARC and soak up the sun at the beach!

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