Regional Chapters

 Why Start Regional Chapters?

We started with seven founding mothers and now we have 2,000+ Sisters, the majority of which are Alumnae. For most of us, being a Sister starts with being an Active member. In the grand scheme of eternal sisterhood, active life is a formative but very short part of our lives! We’ve grown so much and now more than ever Alumnae are looking for a way to stay in engaged in their own unique ways. Our goal is to establish Regional Chapters to enrich the experience of being a Sister of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority as an Alumnae.


What is it?

Regional Chapters (RCs) allow Alumnae in a region to connect to each other, create a sense of community, stay engaged with the Sorority nationally and regionally, and provide a way for Alumnae to celebrate our pillars as a Sister beyond graduation. Regional Chapters will be a hub in the National Alumnae Association network and will be partners with the National Alumnae Board (NAB). Once established, RCs will strengthen the bonds of Alumnae Sisterhood for posterity. Every Region is different and with support of the NAB, the RCs will cater to the specific needs and wishes of its region.


  • Allows Alumnae to interact with each other socially and professionally
  • Informs Alumnae about what’s happening with the Sorority (i.e. intake reform)
  • Provide an array of social, educational, cultural, or career-oriented programs
  • Common link for alumnae who live far away from where they went to school or grew up
  • Represent the Sorority and enhance the prestige of the Sorority on local, state, national and international levels
  • Provide volunteer and philanthropic opportunities to allow alumnae to positively impact the Sorority and our communities
  • Chapter should strive to develop programming that supports the missions of the Sorority and the NAA, as well as the overarching philosophies of inclusiveness, engaging as many alumnae as possible



  • Formed with the intent to promote the interests of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, its Alumnae and the National Alumnae Association
  • At least 5 Alumnae within the Region
  • Organize at least one event/program per year
  • Clear Regional Leadership (ideally members of NAA)


How to Get Started:

  1. Contact the NAB for information and support
  2. Locate a core group of passionate Alumnae who might be willing to serve as chapter leaders
  3. Plan a launch event to kick-off the establishment of a Regional Chapter
  4. Let the NAB know what actions were taken at the first meeting, provide a list of leaders and other attendees, as well as any other relevant information
  5. Enjoy recognition from the NAB and the new community your hard work created!


What Will NAA Provide? 

Structure and support as your group may need it! We’re here to give you tips and ideas (best practices), as well as connections to other Alumnae who are starting Regional Chapters. The National Alumnae Board could also co-host your Regional Chapter’s events.


Current List of Regional Chapters


DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

SoCal (Los Angeles)

RTP (North Carolina)

NYC (New York City)

South Florida (Miami, Ft Lauderdale)



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