Raising funds for One Heart for Women and Children

To continue upholding our second pillar of Service, the Kappa Phi Lambda National Alumnae Association has partnered up with an amazing non-profit organization, One Heart for Women and Children, to help them raise funds. They are a local organization that provides necessary resources for families as they transition through and overcome various hardships of daily living in the Central Florida region and abroad. This is in conjunction with our Alumnae Weekend 2016 in Orlando, Florida (June 18 and 19th).

As the summer approaches we think of family BBQs, going to the beach, shopping, traveling... 


but have you thought about those who are not as fortunate? How about the mother of two who is desperately trying to hide from her abusive husband who has threatened her and her children's lives? How about the struggling single mom trying to make ends meet but still cannot afford basic necessities for her kids? These are just some of the scenarios that One Heart for Women and Children come across. 

Help us help them. Together we can raise funds for a deserving organization that does so much good for the community. 

To make things a little fun and competitive, we have added the names of our Founding Mothers so you can donate on their behalf. This will be a little friendly competition to see which Founding Mother "raises" the most funds. We will update the the Funds Leader every couple of days for your enjoyment. 

So, are you ready to donate and make our Alumnae Weekend complete with Sisterhood and Service? Check our personal donation page with One Heart for Women and Children here: https://www.oneheartforwomenandchildren.org/kappa-donate/

For more information regarding One Heart for Women and Children click here: https://www.oneheartforwomenandchildren.org/

Thank you in advance for your kind donation. 

Join us for a fun-filled weekend in Orlando! To RSVP and get tickets for Alumnae Weekend 2016, click here today! http://www.kplalumnae.org/alumnae_weekend_2016

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