Quarterly Newsletter October 2015

Newsletter Volume II Issue 5

In this Issue:

I. In Memory of Sunny Kim *LaROK*

II. Scarlet Gala Highlights

III. Diamond Circle

IV. New National Board

V. BOD Elections Information

VI. Regional Chapters

VII. Get Involved!

VIII. NAA Diamond Member

IX. NAPA Tips for Alumnae Advisors

X. Alumnae Milestones - engagements, weddings, babies

XI. DIY from Kim Tran *Nai'a*

I. In Memory of Sunny Kim *LaROK*

Help us continue to spread Sunny Kim's unjust story and use the hashtag #StoryOfSunny

Albany Kappas have raised over $40,300 on gofundme.com/storyofsunnykim by over 1,100 people in the last 3 months. They are still short of their $50,000 goal for Sunny’s family. Donations can still be made here  http://www.gofundme.com/storyofsunnykim

Albany Kappas held a candlelight vigil in memory of Sunny Kim at Pier 64 in New York on Friday, June 19. 2015.



October is Anti-Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Rho Chapter Kappas have launched an Anti-Domestic Violence Pledge campaign online. Please join the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda, in the fight against domestic violence by signing the pledge!

By entering your name below, you have consented to join us wholeheartedly in standing up against domestic violence by:

  • treating people with dignity and respect
  • not physically, emotionally, or verbally abusing anyone
  • and most importantly, speaking out against violence and abuse.


Credit goes to Thuy Tu from Rho Chapter for creating the campaign banner!

II. Scarlet Gala Highlights

Thank you to all the sisters who attended the 20th Year Scarlet Gala on Saturday June 13th, 2015 at City Hall Restaurant in NYC.  Sisters celebrated Kappa Phi Lambda's 20th Year Anniversary in a fabulous Roaring 20s style. NAB announced the Diamond Circle honorees and presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Wendy Chan *Kahlua* for her pivotal role in the growth of our sorority over the last 20 years.  We also had an amazing keynote speaker, Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder of Pipeline Fellowship, an angel investing bootcamp for women that creates capital for women social entrepreneurs.  

Diamond Circle Honorees, Chae Park, Wendy Chan, Sarah Choi, Angie Cheng

Best Dressed Contest Winner Mimi Wang *Torrent*, with our Emcee Jamy Drapeza


NAB with Keynote Natalia Oberti Noguera.

III. Diamond Circle

In honor of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority's 20th year anniversary, the National Alumnae Association wanted to highlight alumnae who have made significant contributions to the growth and success of our organization. We asked Sisters to send in nominations of Alumnae who have been outstanding role models for our sisterhood. The Diamond Circle Selection Committee was so proud to see so many great Sisters nominated.  We automatically inducted our 7 founding mothers into the Diamond Circle and selected 5 wonderful sisters who have dedicated years of their time and effort to the advancement of our Sorority and its pillars. We are honored to call the Inaugural Diamond Circle Members, Wendy Chan, Sarah Choi-Lee, Sharre Han, Angie Cheng and Pei Hamsik, our Sisters.

IV. 2015-2016 National Board

Congratulations to the new 2015-2016 National Board members!!!

Executive Board

President:  Cynthia Chan *Tribute*

Vice President: Diem Le *Regenesis*

Secretary: Younsung Park *Treasure*

Treasurer: Meng Cao *Grandeur*

Warden: Moral Masuoka *Silvermist*


Internal Operations Board

Program Advisor 1: Selena Jinseon Kim *Picturesque*

Program Advisor 2: Teri Chung *Glee*

Program Advisor 3: Crystal Liu *Sterling*

Program Advisor 4: Susanna Park *Firework*

Regional Consultant 1: Jacqueline Villalobos *♥string*

Regional Consultant 2: Michaela Rivera *Surreal*

Regional Consultant 3: Catherine Angwin *aeterna**

Regional Consultant 4: Krizzia Yanga *BAMF*


Minor Board

Cultural: Emily Leigh *Retaliate*

Expansion: Jennifer Jung *Delirium*

Historian: Tina Toijee Fong *Zephyr*

Public Relations: Vida Law *Latitude*

Service: Karen Rondero *Conviction*

V. Letter from the BOD Regarding Elections

Dear Sisters:

While some of you may know, many of you are probably curious, if not unsure about the Sorority’s involvement with Sisters beyond the college years and those working behind the closed doors. The Board of Directors came into existence three years ago, on January 1, 2009. We are now approaching our 7th year. The Kappa Phi Lambda Board of Directors strives to provide a valuable foundation of support, counsel, and leadership essential to furthering the Sorority’s mission.

We work closely with the National Board, National Alumnae Board and other Sorority leadership to provide advice and counsel on matters of cultural awareness, events, scholarship, career guidance and mentorship, networking, fund development, service enhancements, strategic planning, and alumnae business for the future direction of the Sorority.

As community and business leaders, the Board of Directors works to foster the Kappa Phi Lambda’s close partnerships with businesses, community organizations, the public sector, educational and other institutions while sharing insights into emerging trends and needs.

We are happy to announce that will be opening membership to fill a few available seats on the board. If you need more information please feel free to contact us at kplbod@googlegroups.com.

Truly yours,

Kappa Phi Lambda, Inc.

Board of Directors

VI. Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters allow Alumnae in a region to connect to each other, create a sense of community, stay engaged with the Sorority nationally and regionally, and provide a way for Alumnae to celebrate our pillars as a Sister beyond graduation. Regional Chapters will be a hub in the National Alumnae Association network and will be partners with the National Alumnae Board (NAB).  If you are interested in helping to start a Regional Chapter of the Kappa Phi Lambda Alumnae Association, go to the link below to learn more!


VII. Get Involved!

Yearning to network with sisters in your area? Seeking sisters who are active professionals in your field? Interested in running events and engaging alumnae members? Please contact our Membership Chair Jamy Drapeza at membership@kplalumnae.org to find out more about how to make the most of your Alumnae Association.

VIII. NAA Diamond Member: Tina Toijee Fong *Zephyr*

We want to welcome Tina Toijee Fong *Zephyr* as our second Diamond Member with lifetime membership to the National Alumnae Association! Thank you for your support! To become a National Alumnae Association Member, please visit: http://kplalumnae.nationbuilder.com/membership

IX. NAPA Tips for Alumnae Advisors

The National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA) held a webinar on August 2, 2015 on  Leading from Behind: Helpful Hints for Advising Undergraduate Chapters.  The following is a summary of the NAPA tips for sisters who are interested in being their school’s Alumnae Advisors:
As a Chapter Advisor, you are making a serious commitment to tomorrow’s leaders. It’s not an easy job, but your position is one that allows young men and women to flourish while upholding the values of the organization. Many of these young students are away from home from the first time. They are learning how to manage things in their lives that mom and dad used to take care of. Sometimes, the advice will take hold right away. Other times, you will have to repeat it. Over and over. There will also be occasions where you will need to be explicitly clear and exert your authority.                   
It is no coincidence that the most successful chapters are the ones with involved Chapter Advisors. Advisors serve as mentors that can enrich the culture of a chapter, assist in improving chapter operations, and help instill the lifelong sisterhood we pride ourselves on.
Chapter Advisors are committed to supporting the endeavors of chapter members by serving as role models and providing guidance aimed at improving the fraternal experience.           

Basic expectations of the Chapter Advisor:

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate:
1.     Be Excited!
2.     Remember YOU Are Not Running The Show
3.     Be Clear About Your Role
4.     Be A Role Model
5.     Give Them Respect
6.     Ask For Input
7.     Be A Critic
8.     Hold Them To High Standards
9.     Function As A Liaison
10.   Build On Their Strengths
11.   Don’t Talk About The Glory Days

Additional suggestions:

  • Be proactive. Do not wait until problems come up
  • Set up face-to-face meetings if possible
  • Communicate regularly with both the students and national officers
  • Communicate and collaborate with the campus-based Greek Life advisor
  • Lead with Integrity
  • “Do as I do” is more effective than just “Do what I say”
  • You represent not only yourself, but also the sorority
  • Just like parenting, there is no substitute for involvement
  • Attend and be an active (but not overbearing) participant in meetings   
  • Attend recruitment events (adult presence conveys lifelong commitment)
  • Attend chapter retreats

Being a friend of the chapter is the basis for success as Chapter Advisor. Friend here is defined as one who has gained the respect and confidence of the undergraduate chapter. Members should feel free to approach you for guidance in any matter, personal or fraternal.
Without respect and friendship, your relationship with the chapter may become strained and unproductive. Remember, friendship is more than simply being popular. Occasionally, you may have to act or take a stand on a particular issue that the chapter won't like. It’s great to be liked by the chapter, but it's more important to be respected.

X. Alumnae Milestones


   Sunnie Lee *Thirae*  |  Beta Nu
    Engagement: May 24, 2015


    Emmi Yonekura *Epiphany* | Tau Alpha

    Engagement: June 2015


     Hannah Yang *Delight* | Pi Charter

     Baby Boy: Hunter Minsoo Yang born August 25, 2015


     Robert and Teresa.jpg

    Teresa Chan-Ly *Risk*  | Orlando Colony Alpha

    Wedding: August 22, 2015
    Check out their EPIC Wedding Music Video that went viral on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi1syPvmAWg

XI. DIY from Kim Tran *Nai’a*, NAB Events Chair


Follow Kim Tran @TheCraftyPearl !

Have a milestone or news you want to share in the next newsletter? Please email communications@kplalumnae.org.

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