National Board

National Board 2018-2019

Executive Board

President:  Catherine Angwin, aeterna*

Vice President of Operations: Jacqueline Villalobos, ♥string

Vice President of Education: Selena Kim, Picturesque

Vice President of Administration (formally Secretary): Vida Law, Latitude

Vice President of Finance (formally Treasurer): Meng Cao, Grandeur

Vice President of Standards and Risk Management (formally Warden): Teri Chung, Glee


Internal Operations Board

Program Advisor 1: Nathaly Mucha, ERUDITE

Program Advisor 2: Jessica Hong, Gienah

Program Advisory 3: Michelle Pham, Volnay

Program Advisor 4: Victoria Morishita, Valrhona

Regional Consultant 1: Kristina Bohl, APEX

Regional Consultant 2: Jennifer Ngo, Voie

Regional Consultant 3: Nina Ondona, Áleo

Regional Consultant 4 : Jenny Chen, ARDENTE


Minor Board

Cultural Chair - Angela Ho, Jolly Roger

Expansion Chair - Joann Ma, Koriand'r

Historian - Kristin Mitra, SHOOK

Service Chair - Erica Lam, Royce


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