National Board

Kappa Phi Lambda is represented nationally by a National Board of 18 individual women with five Executive Board, five Minor Board, four Program Advisors and four Regional Consultant chairholders.

Executive Board

President:  Diem Le *Regenesis*

Vice President: Catherine Angwin *aeterna*

Secretary: Vida Law *Latitude*

Treasurer: Meng Cao *Grandeur*

Warden: Teri Chung *Glee*


Internal Operations Board

Program Advisor 1: Selena Jinseon Kim *Picturesque*

Program Advisor 2: Emily Shan *Riptide*

Program Advisor 3: Crystal Liu *Sterling*

Program Advisor 4: Susanna Park *Firework*

Regional Consultant 1: Jacqueline Villalobos *♥string*

Regional Consultant 2: Megan Huynh Ling *Calithea*

Regional Consultant 3: Emily Leigh *Retaliate*

Regional Consultant 4: Lena Chhay *Incendio*


Minor Board

Cultural: Carol Luong *Illuminati*

Expansion: Jennifer Jung *Delirium*

Historian: Tina Toijee Fong *Zephyr*

Public Relations: Yen Kim Phan *Evident*

Service: Jillian Ebrahimi *Fireball*


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