National Alumnae Board

National Alumnae Association

The Alumnae Association of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority aims to uphold the lifelong bond of Sisterhood after graduation.  It serves as a community for alumnae to stay connected and to continue to support each other through social and professional networks.  The Association recognizes and celebrates the personal achievements and milestones of our sisters, while promoting the pillars and advancement of the Sorority.

National Alumnae Board​ 2017-2018 Term

Serena Nguyen, Director
Hi-Point, Chi Lambda

Natalie Khoo, Assistant Director
Mystique, Eta Pi

Grace Ye, Treasurer
Santenay, Alpha Gamma Theta

Diana Lee, Regional Chapter Coordinator
Maestro, Alpha Gamma Beta

Sarah Liu, General Membership Chair
IMMUNITY, Alpha Alpha Rho

Emilie Chung, National Events Chair
TRANSFORMER, Alpha Alpha Eta

Ann Pak, Alumnae Weekend Co-Chair
De'Luxe, Chi Theta

Cindy Loata, Alumnae Weekend Co-Chair
Camellia, Eta Rho

Jenny Vo, Fundraising Chair
Nightwing, Alpha Epsilon Epsilon

Demi Ongolo, Legal Counsel
Clique, Duke Gamma




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