Diamond Circle 2017

We are so proud to introduce the 2017 Diamond Circle Honorees! Find out more about the Diamond Circle here! It is not too early to start thinking about a deserving Sister for 2018 nominations. 
Congratulations to our 5 inductees:

Victoria Chan-Fraizer *Elicit*
Gamma Omicron
Assistant Director of Student Conduct - Emory University
Victoria has volunteered to guest speak at multiple chapters/schools, to share her experiences, knowledge and inspire others. She's volunteered her time to provided guidance/support to her own chapter (gamma) for one year as an alumni advisor and has mentored many younger sisters throughout our entire organization to become the best versions of themselves. 
Victoria absolutely exemplifies the true meaning of sisterhood, service, and cultural diversity. She allocates time from her personal and professional life to  support her younger chapter sisters and family/friends around her. Victoria ahs also attended many events from various organizations to help foster those strong relationships & connections. 
She's a true leader, mentor, and advocate for many women, including myself. She's big on women empowerment, in supporting each other, building together, and accepting those who may see differently than she does. Victoria's experiences and educational/professional experiences would absolutely exemplify a model sister who is so deserving of this great opportunity.

Cecelia Kim *Jynx*
Rho Charter
Senior Associate PriceWaterhouseCoopers
She has served on National Board and was on the steering committee and first executive board of National Alumnae Board. In addition to volunteering numerous years to the governing boards of our sorority, she is committed to her chapter at the local level. She was instrumental to Rho Chapter's success as an active and then as alumnae advisor. She implemented long term plans to help the University of Florida subsidiary of Kappa Phi Lambda achieve Chapter Status, lofty fundraising goals and a successful 10 year banquet that hosted national convention. 
"Sisterhood is our first pillar and Cecelia continues to teach and model the meaning of sisterhood. She has been an premier example of sisterhood lasting forever, reaching out to sisters and supporting them as individuals and on every larger scale. She brings sisters together and she brings joy to our sisterhood. 
She supports sisters, she supports her local community and she serves our larger Asian American women community with diligence, commitment and passion. 
I can't imagine what my personal experience of sisterhood would be without her. Whenever I falter or grow weary of the time and commitment it takes to stay involved with Kappa as an alum, I think of all that I have received from this sorority. And in some way, Cecelia is always, always involved in those inspiring and comforting thoughts and memories. "
She is kind, puts others' needs before her own, and she is an enduring example of what it means to be a good sister and a wonderful person. 

Diem Le *Regenesis*
Alpha Alpha Theta
Helpdesk Analyst for Department of State
Diem was the Program Advisor for Region 3 from 2012 until 2015. From 2015 until 2016 she was the National Vice President. Currently, she is the National President. Diem is known by many sisters throughout the nation and has four Little sisters and a big Kappa family. Diem has made a wonderful President and I know that many sisters can attest to this. 
Diem demonstrates the value of service by participating in the DMV alumna chapter. She participates in volunteer events. She has also been on National Board since she graduated which is a volunteer position. Diem demonstrates the value of cultural diversity by supporting sisters all over the nation. Diem is very unbiased and is open to learning about others cultural backgrounds. Diem demonstrates the value of sisterhood because she has true Kappa spirit. Diem is continuously apart of her Kappa family's lives and makes sure to attend important events to show her support. Sisters consider her to be a role model. 
When I think of a Diamond Circle sister I think of Diem because she is truly an exemplary sister. All who know her love her because she is welcoming and very nice. She treats all sisters with respect and is kind to all. She has worked hard as a National Board member and has lead our board well. I have been honored to have the opportunity to get to know her better as a fellow NB member. Diem is extremely unbiased and gives fair opinions and takes fair stances on all matters. Diem is extremely deserving of becoming a Diamond Circle member. It is hard to describe how much she has done for the sorority. 

Miran Lee *Hint*

Epsilon Upsilon
Senior Analyst at Home Depot
Miran has shown her commitment to Kappa Phi Lambda post-graduation by serving on National Alumnae Board (NAB) for three years and staying connected to both Epsilon colony and Chi chapter where she had served her active years. As a member of NAB, Miran served as Sister at Large and Treasurer where she played a pivotal role in making policy decisions and offering valuable opinions on how our sorority should serve our alumnae. She has kept NAB fiscally responsible and has served as a voice of reason in NAB discussions. Additionally, she played in an integral role in helping Epsilon colony return to NYU's campus. She did a lot of work behind the scenes with the IG as well as serves as a big sister to one of the recharters, thus ensuring Epsilon's successful recharter. Additionally, she supports and provides guidance to sisters of Chi chapter where she was active for two years. In sum, Miran has shown a commitment to KPL's success both locally and nationally. 
"Sisterhood - Miran is a role model of a sister: she is smart, funny, dedicated, and driven. She has nurtured and guided three littles and eight children throughout her years as a sister. She will go out of her way to help a sister and has provided endless amounts of advice. Additionally, she always puts the well being of the sorority first and highly values the relationships she has with all of our sisters.
Community Service:  Miran does volunteer work with the KPL Atlanta regional chapter as well as through her job. She volunteers often with a military appreciation group that does projects with USO, habitat for humanity, food banks, etc. 
Cultural Diversity: Miran is passionate and vocal about AAPI issues."
Miran is a model sister because she not only has incredible pride in our letters but she inspires others to treat our letters and our relationships with each other with respect and love. She works hard and is dedicated to making sure our sorority continues to thrive and grow. And she is also fun, friendly, and ready to have a good time with sisters. Miran deserves to be a diamond circle member because she continues to selflessly dedicate her time to Kappa Phi Lambda and she is an inspiration to all sisters. 

Serena Nguyen *Hi-Point*
Chi Lambda
Attorney (JD) at National Veterans Legal Services Program
Serena has been a dedicated sister in so many ways - from being on National Alumnae Board to continuously staying active in Kappa communities across the chapter. Not only that, but she has served as a loving mentor to many sisters over the years - particularly those whose bigs were not as readily as available as others were to their littles. I can name countless women in KPL who have benefited from Serena being a strong role model, kind older sister, and compassionate listener.  
Ms. Nguyen is tremendously involved with not only supporting her own chapter, UMCP, but also reaching out to other chapters/colonies in addition to other organizations to grow our sisterhood. Ms. Nguyen is an active member of National Board and also the DMV Alumnae group. Ms. Nguyen not only exemplifies the pillars of the sorority, but lives it through everyday actions. Loyalty, integrity, and personal courage. She has multiple littles and a large family of her own which she continues to reach out and maintain communication with to this day. An extraordinary asset to any organization; she balanced her social network with law school and now a full time occupation. And yet, many of the sisters could not thank her enough for her dedicated service and commitment to helping this organization grow and develop.
"Sisterhood - Serena has always put Sisterhood first. Not only is she an incredible big to her own littles and exemplary member of her family, but she truly demonstrates what Sisterhood is all about - helping others, encouraging others, being there for someone when they need it the most. I can think of no other person that is as dedicated to others and is as compassionate as Serena. 
Service - Serena has continued to serve Kappa as a alum not only on National Alumnae Board but also as a trusted alumna of our chapter and many of our local chapters in the DMV as well. Outside of Kappa, she is an outstanding attorney who helps veterans with legal matters who otherwise may not have access to a lawyer. She is always up to volunteer and to help others in whatever way she can. 
Cultural Diversity - Serena is highly involved in AAPI events across the DMV. She was active in APIA Vote during this past Presidential Election Cycle and continues to be a member of the APA Law Student Association, even joining the leadership for this organization during her law school years. She stays active in lending a voice to our multicultural community in the DMV,  making sure minority voices are represented (especially in these tumultuous times). "
BLUF: Yes. Ms. Nguyen has participated in countless activities and events not only in the Eastern side of the U.S. but also across the states. Ms. Nguyen has traveled to support many chapters and colonies during her time in college and also post-graduation. I wish I had good memory to state, but here is her facebook page to stalk. https://www.facebook.com/Aneres.n?lst=100014494003086%3A512754000%3A1496418041 Ms. Nguyen actively participates in various events not only limited to her own chapter. She has a mindset of improving the organization through long-term goals while encompassing the very heart of the organization.. sisterhood. Through words, actions, and thus producing lasting results of trust that KPL is going in the right direction.
Serena is of impeccable character. She is strong yet kind-hearted, bold yet empathetic, incredibly intelligent but never boastful. She graduated college in 3 years, directly entered and recently graduated from a prestigious law school (Temple).  I can't stress enough how often I've seen her taking younger sisters under her wing who are in need of extra support. She gives them love, confidence, and encouragement. She encourages them to be better Sisters in their chapters and stronger individuals in their daily lives. She will go out of her way to make sure someone feels celebrated and encouraged, especially when they need that a small boost of confidence the most. I hold Serena in the highest regard, as do dozens of Sisters who have been lucky enough to call her a friend. 
Ms. Nguyen volunteers to attend, prepare for, and contribute to the organization. I find it funny she is the one advertising this Diamond Circle nomination link. She acknowledges every accomplishment no matter how small; mentors sisters both in college and post graduation; works behind the scenes to ensure integrity and intents are met for the greater of the organization as a whole. Ms. Nguyen made efforts to travel and welcome new arrivals in various states, traveling to/from while inviting sisters to join in. She is an excellent role model not only as a sister but an individual who has shown great leadership through her personal life (graduating law school) and striving to achieve her dreams. Ms. Nguyen places sisters' concerns before all else and ensures they are properly addressed. She treats everyone, no matter what organization they are in, where they come from, with dignity and respect. A true team player who made positive contributions to this organization and is still actively doing so years later.

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