Diamond Circle Honorees 2016

In honor of Kappa Phi Lambda's 20th Anniversary in 2015, the National Alumnae Board created the inaugural Diamond Circle to highlight and recognize Alumnae Sisters who have been outstanding role models for our organization.

Each year, the previous year's Diamond Circle honorees review nominations and induct five sisters into the Diamond Circle.

Diamond Circle Sisters have made significant contributions to the Sorority as an Alumna, demonstrate the values of our three pillars, Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity, and exemplify the characteristics of a model Sister.

We are proud to introduce this year's honorees:

Trisha Luke *Sierra*, Katherine Prudente *Bubbles*, Christine Han-Lee *Mistic*, Cynthia Chan *Tribute*, Jamy Drapeza *Enthrall*

Find out more about each Sister below!


Trisha Luke

When we think of the term "Sisterhood is eternal", we think of Trisha-- a truly dedicated lifelong Sister who has been so instrumental in the growth and forward progression of Kappa Phi Lambda. She crossed in Spring 1998 at the University at Buffalo, Beta Chapter. After serving as an active Sister of her chapter, she continued her service to the Sorority as a dedicated Alumna. She spent over 7 years on Central Council (now known as National Board), serving as the long time National Warden of our Sorority. During her tenure, she played an important role in the Southward expansion of Kappa Phi Lambda. First, she was part of hosting the University of Florida Charter Class, our first foothold in the South. She invested her time and energy into the establishment of the future Rho Chapter and maintained a strong relationship with future classes. She continued to help the Sorority with its Southward expansion by serving as Pledge Educator of the Orlando Colony's Charter Class. Trisha is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors and has helped to usher in many positive changes, including new member process reforms and structural improvements on a National scale.


Katherine Prudente

Katherine Prudente is an Epsilon Delta and crossed in Spring 2000 at NYU. Kat has previously served for many years on Central Council (now National Board) and is currently serving on the Board of Directors, leading an innovative branding initiative for the Sorority. Kat has also played a key role in expanding our Sorority into the Midwest. She is heavily involved with all generations of Sisters and took a Little this semester (Spring 2016) as she helped with the rechartering process of NYU. Kat enjoys meeting and mentoring Sisters with open arms no matter the gap in age or experience. Her strong, independent spirit represents a model Sister that many have come to respect. She always thinks of what is best for the Sisterhood in the short and long term, and her experience as a Sister is invaluable to Kappa Phi Lambda.


Christine Han Lee

Christine Han Lee aka "Supermom" is an Alpha Gamma and crossed at Binghamton University in Spring 1996. She then transferred to St. John’s University. Even though our Chapters were all in upstate New York at that time, she saw the opportunity for our Sorority to be represented downstate. She went on to serve as the Pledge Educator for the SJU charter class to help with the expansion of Kappa Phi Lambda.  She also served on both National Board and the Board of Directors.  However, what is most admirable about Christine is the career she chose. She had a very successful career in finance, but decided to be a stay-at-home Mom for her two daughters, Caitlin and Deanna.  Once Chris decides to do something, she puts her whole heart in it. She has even won an award for being in the PTA executive leadership team. Her devotion to the Sorority and her family is incredible and inspirational- a great example for all Kappas.


Cynthia Chan

Cynthia is a Delta Rho and crossed in Spring 2007 at Stonybrook University. Before Cynthia became National Board President, she served on the Board as one of the four Program Advisors for a few years.  During her time on National Board, Cynthia has helped with the transition to a three-board governing structure for the Sorority, as well as with the implementation of our reformed New Member Process. Cynthia was aware of all the challenges that were to come prior to taking on the role of National Board President, and she embraced all these challenges with grace. She provided immense support along the way to schools and individuals to ensure that the changes were effective. Cynthia has been National Board President for three years now, and her commitment to the Sorority is extremely valued. Her strong leadership and amazing dedication has been an integral part in leading Kappa Phi Lambda to where it is today.


Jamy Drapeza

Jamy is an Epsilon Psi who crossed in Spring 2009 and graduated from NYU in 2012.  Jamy is extremely dedicated to serving those around her- and it shows through her involvement in several cultural and community organizations such as NAPAWF, CityYear and Gabriellas. She has chosen to live her passion of serving the community by becoming a Social Worker for those who need help entering the work force post-sentencing. Jamy continued to be an active Alumna of Epsilon Chapter by helping to plan Alumnae events and keeping the Sisterhood spirit strong. She was an avid supporter of the LOTUS IG to help re-instate Epsilon chapter back at NYU. This past year she was pivotal in supporting the Tau Chapter National Convention, co-leading a workshop on Domestic Violence and Abuse against women. Her infectious positivity has allowed her to build strong relationships with many Sisters from other schools, using her talent to serve at the current Membership Chair of the National Alumnae Board. She has taken an active role in spearheading our newly established Alumnae Regional Chapters, further continuing to serve our Alumnae Sisters.


We are lucky to have dedicated sisters such as Trisha, Kat, Christine, Cynthia, and Jamy and are honored to recognize them as part of the Diamond Circle.  Congratulations and thank you for being an inspiration to our Sorority!


Stay up to date here: http://www.kplalumnae.org/diamond_circle


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