Board of Directors

The Kappa Phi Lambda Board of Directors strives to provide a valuable foundation of support, counsel, and leadership essential to furthering the Sorority’s mission. The Board of Directors works closely with the National Board, National Alumnae Board, and other Sorority leadership to provide advice and counsel on matters of cultural awareness, events, scholarship, career guidance and mentorship, networking, fund development, service enhancements, strategic planning, and alumnae business for the future direction of the Sorority.

As community and business leaders, the Board of Directors works to foster the Kappa Phi Lambda’s close partnerships with businesses, community organizations, the public sector, educational and other institutions while sharing insights into emerging trends and needs. In furtherance of the Sorority’s programs and services, the Board of Directors works to actively support the Sorority’s mission, activities and events while utilizing its relationships and associations to further the Sorority’s work.

Board of Directors (BOD): Current term 2016-2018

Chair- Trisha Luke *Sierra* Beta Gamma
Compliance Chair- Thao Tran *Gypsy* Rho Alpha
Comptroller- Wendy Chan *Kahlua* Alpha Delta
Administrative Officer- Kat Prudente *Bubbles* Epsilon Delta
Development Chair- ChanMi Park *C'tryne* Gamma Xi
Sarah Spencer *Belldandy* Omicron Zeta
Dynne Shi *Riviere* Pi Beta
Becca Spencer *Stryke* 
Kelsey San Antonio *Proof* Rho Beta


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